About SABA

The Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) is accelerating the path to net-zero aviation by driving investment in, and adoption of, high-integrity sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and supporting companies, airlines and freight customers in achieving their climate goals.
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Our Mission

Accelerate the path to net-zero aviation

SABA’s mission is to accelerate the path to net-zero aviation by driving investment in high-integrity sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), catalyzing new SAF production, technological innovation, and supporting member engagement in policy-making efforts.

Key aspects of SABA’s work

SAF Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

SABA will establish a rigorous, transparent SAF certificate system enabling air transport customers – not only aircraft operators – to invest in high quality SAF to meet their ambitious climate goals.
SAF Education & Policy Support

Education and Policy Support

SABA helps members navigate the technical aspects of SAF and the SAF market, aviation emissions accounting, and the SAF regulatory and SAF policy-making landscape.
SAF Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

SABA assesses emerging SAF technologies and works with like-minded organizations to help address barriers to scale and cost reduction.

Who is SABA?


Members work in collaboration with EDF and RMI to develop a rigorous, transparent system that expands opportunities to invest in high-integrity SAF to all businesses and organizations interested in reducing the climate impacts of flying. SABA’s founding companies included Bank of America, Boeing, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, McKinsey & Company, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix and Salesforce. 

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SABA Aviators work with SABA to send a strong market signal in support of SAF. SABA’s Founding Aviators included Alaska Airlines, Amazon Air, JetBlue and United Airlines. 

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See all of our associated organizations committed to advancing a cleaner future of flight below.

Founding Partners

SABA is managed by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and RMI, with expert support from Neoteric.

SABA Leadership

Mark Brownstein

Mark Brownstein

Senior Vice President, Energy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)


Bryan Fisher Headdshot

Bryan Fisher

Managing Director, Climate Aligned Industries, RMI

Kim Carnahan

Founder & CEO, Neoteric Energy and Climate (SABA Secretariat)

Interested in getting involved in our mission to accelerate net-zero aviation?

Mark Brownstein

Mark Brownstein

Senior Vice President, Energy
Mark Brownstein is Senior Vice President of Energy at Environmental Defense Fund, and a member of EDF’s executive team. He leads EDF’s Energy program globally, with a focus on halting the rise of global oil and gas emissions on a path consistent with a 2050 zero-carbon future.

Bryan Fisher Headdshot

Bryan Fisher

Managing Director, Climate-Aligned Industries RMI
Bryan Fisher leads RMI’s efforts to decarbonize the industrial sectors, which collectively represent 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Key focus industries include, but are not limited to: steel, aluminum, cement, chemicals, shipping, trucking, and aviation. In this role Bryan also directs RMIs collaboration as part of the Mission Possible Partnership.

Kim Carnahan

Senior Director, Net Zero Fuels ENGIE Impact (SABA Secretariat)

Kim Carnahan leads the firm’s advisory work on alternative fuels, including green hydrogen and alternative aviation and maritime fuels. Previously serving over a decade at the State Department, she managed the teams that negotiated the Paris Agreement and the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Agreement for International Aviation (CORSIA).